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Newtek: Video Toaster 4000

Connection: Video Slot

Toaster 4000 with manual & Box
Toaster 4000 with manual & Box

Toaster 4000
Toaster 4000

Toaster 4000 with daughterboards
Toaster 4000 with daughterboards

Toaster 4000 without daughterboards
Toaster 4000 without daughterboards

RAM daughterboard
RAM daughterboard

Main daughterboard
Main daughterboard

BNC Connectors
BNC Connectors

Hi Res Version, Toaster 4000 with manual & Box - 537K
Hi Res Version, Toaster 4000 - 605K
Hi Res Version, Toaster 4000 with daughterboards - 1037K
Hi Res Version, Toaster 4000 without daughterboards - 476K
Hi Res Version, RAM daughterboard - 351K
Hi Res Version, Main daughterboard - 607K
Hi Res Version, BNC Connectors - 617K
Image of backplate - 115K
Image of Toaster mousemat - 724K
Image of Toaster 4000 installation CDs - 907K
Image of Toaster 4000 Installation disk (all 45) - 13K
Image of a Toaster equipped A4000 - 78K
Image of a Toaster equipped A4000, rear - 101K

The Toaster 4000 is a newer version of the popular Toaster 2000 which is better suited for installation in an A4000s video slot. The Video Toaster is an extremely powerful piece of kit and helped make the Amiga famous in video production circles. An Amiga with a Video Toaster was capable of producing effects comparable to dedicated systems costing many times as much. The Video Toaster in conjunction with Lightwave helped produce many TV programs and films including Babylon 5, Seaquest DSV and Terminator II.

The Video Toaster 4000 contains a genlock with 24bit display framebuffers and video capture facilities. Unfortunately the Video Toaster is NTSC only and a PAL version, although considered was never made. This card can still be used in machines without the AGA style video slot, such as the A2000 and A3000 however not all features will be available. In particular some effects and wipes require AGA. In order to use the Video Toaster it is recommended that you have at least an 030@25Mhz, RGB Monitor, Composite Monitor (2 Composite Monitors for preview and program), 10MB RAM (2MB Chip + 8MB Fast) and video signals must be time base corrected.


  • 1 x Multipin Video Connector (used for 3rd party addons to access video signals)
  • 4 x BNC NTSC Video Inputs, Channels 1-4
  • 2 x BNC NTSC Video Outputs (1 preview, 1 program)

General Features

  • 4 Input Switchers
  • Preview and Program outputs
  • 3 Frame Buffers
  • 24bit, 8 fields realtime frame capture
  • Character Generation
  • Realtime transitional effects including Dissolve, 2-D Wipes, Colour Amimation Wipes, Covers, Slides, Oragnic Effects, Digital Effects
  • Audio Effects
  • 24 bit painting
  • 3D Rendering with Lightwave 3D
  • Arexx Control
  • Chroma Effects
  • Colour Correction

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Chris - CLS2086, Dominik S, Ed Joseph, Francisco Rabay Jr, Mario Misic, Takahasi Kasiko

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