ID #3310

Electronic Design: Sirius

Connection: Video Socket (Amiga 23pin)


The Sirius is an external genlock for the Amiga.

-Independant fading of the computer and video images
-'Fade to Black'
-Automatic and manual mixing of two audio sources + microphone
-Combination of video and audio faders
-One hand operation enhancer function
-Colour, Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted separately as well as White, and RGB.
-Automatic input recognition with priority for SVHS (HI8) signal
-Integrated bluebox using professional YUV technology
-Built in test image generator for optimised adjustment of all image parameters
-Black value of computer is adjustable
-Built in black burst generator for working independantly of the video and recording video sources
-RGB monitor selection switch for mixed or pure computer images
-By-pass function for best copying
-Simple micrprocessor controller operation
-Save settings in permanent memory
-Alpha channel for semi-transparent colours of anti-alias functions
-All functions can be controlled by the serial RS232 interface
-Standby switch.
-Hotkey function for the most common fading and key functions
-Integrated AREXX port with the software
-From WB 2.1 the software supports locales.

This genlock appears to be a clone of the Hama 290. A second generation version of this unit called the Sirius II was also produced.

Contributions to this page by:
Boris Kondratyev, Mikael Fors, Txema Latas

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