Digtizers & Framegrabbers

ID #3220

Newtek: DigiView

Connection: Parallel Port




Download various digiview pics - 583K

The Digiview is a colour digitizer that plugs into the parallel port of the Amiga and contains an RCA socket for attaching the video source. It creates colour images by digitizing the video source in three passes. Each pass is processed through a different filter, (Red, Green, Blue) then combined to form a colour image. It can digitize in hi-res or lo-res, interlace or non-interlace, or overscan. It saves in either ECS formats (HAM6, EHB, 2-32 colour for images up to 360x480 or 2-16 colors in 720x480). It also has its own proprietary 21bit image format. Third party products such as an automatic filter changer and colour splitter were also available.

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