A4000 Accelerators

ID #3089

PPS (Progressive Peripherals & Software): Mercury

Connection: CPU Fast Slot (A3000/A4000)

PPS Mercury
PPS Mercury

Closeup - 1290K

Processor:040@28Mhz, 040@33Mhz or 040@35Mhz
Max Ram:32MB
Ram Type:4 x 30pin SIMM slots (Supports Static Column, Fast Page of Nibble RAM)

In order to use this card, you require at least Kickstart 2.04.


There are 5 banks of jumpers on the Mercury as follows.
(O = Open, X = Closed)

Jumper bank A (Memory Speed)

33Mhz28MhzBank A
40ns60nsX X
60ns80nsX O
80ns100nsO X

Jumper bank B (Memory Configuration)

Memory1MB x 84MB x 8Bank 0Bank 1Jumpers
8MB8NONE1MB x 81MB x 8O X O O
20MB444MB x 81MB x 8O O O X
20MB441MB x 84MB x 8O O X X
32MBNONE84MB x 84MB x 8O O O O

Jumper Bank C (Processor Settings)

C1Use the 040 on the accelerator (default)Use the motherboard processor
C2Cache DisabledCache Enabled (default)
C3Off-Board Burst Mode EnabledOff-Board Burst Mode Disabled (default)
C4On-Board Burst Mode EnabledOn-Board Burst Mode Disabled (default)

Jumper bank D

D2Fast ROM Enabled (default)Fast ROM Disabled
C3Off-Board Burst Mode EnabledOff-Board Burst Mode Disabled (default)
C4On-Board Burst Mode EnabledOn-Board Burst Mode Disabled (default)

Jumper bank E is reserved.

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Papa November, Thomas Newsom

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